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You or Someone like you 100ML (Eau de Parfum) - ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE (Paris)

You or Someone like you 100ML (Eau de Parfum) - ETAT LIBRE D'ORANGE (Paris)

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Fresh, Floral

The epitome of a modern Los Angeles woman. Both sophisticated and natural, she knows how to take advantage of the splendor of Hollywood, without ever succumbing to its materialism.


“The raw materials are completely irrelevant. The work is the work. If you need to know what it's made of, don't wear it; You are not for you.”

-Chandler Burr

“Possibility in the blue air” in English in the text to remind you that this perfume captures the spirit of the hills of Los Angeles, a city where under the blue sky everything is possible with great determination and relentlessness.

Once again we will find the unexpected which suits the spirit of Orange, here it is not a question of asphalt but of a green opus, cut grass, mint and chlorophyll, crumpled leaves of geranium, clean musks and then silent and majestic a garden rose completes the accord as Anne, the heroine of Chandler Burr's novel "You or someone like you", which inspired the perfume, would have wished.

Here Chandler Burr, long a respected and feared journalist in the industry, finally enters the arena of perfumers and creates a perfume for all lovers of originality and character where the universal and the singular crystallize in the bottle like two lovers transfixed.

“Possibility in the blue air.”

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