Paris 2010. Galeries Lafayette. Exclusive launch of the first laundry detergent dedicated to men: Antoine is trying to make a name for himself. Marketing stunt? The whim of yet another start-up that wants to revolutionize the world? No, simply the beginning of the Antoine adventure.

The press and blogs of the time, always on the lookout for new things (which are also a little offbeat), were amused by this “laundry that looks masculine” or very seriously wanted to see a debate on the distribution of tasks housewives? On the contrary, it was a simple observation made by our in-house perfumer: no detergent on the market contains a “masculine” type fragrance but on the contrary, all offer floral or fruity notes. This meant that a man of good taste, carefully choosing his personal eau de toilette, could not associate it with the perfume of his clothes without risking the fault of… taste precisely. Classic Antoine detergent provided an answer with its woody/amber notes, the basis of the vast majority of men's eau de toilette.

The foundations of Antoine's DNA were laid: priority to perfume, its quality which must be impeccable, sourcing the most efficient ingredients, glass bottle to protect the perfume ( see the article “a glass bottle for a precious laundry detergent “) and make an everyday object a real present…

The addiction was on the way, customers were starting to no longer be able to go back to traditional detergents. Among these customers... many female customers too who since 2010 have adopted detergent for household linens, which has called into question the concept of "laundry detergent for men".