Etat Libre d'Orange currently presents a collection of 30 perfumes, all ambitious, all essential. Emphasizing originality, daring, authenticity and freedom of expression, Etat Libre d'Orange offers surprising olfactory compositions, without any limitation in terms of creativity, raw materials or cost.
This is why the brand meets a growing number of passionate fans who see in Etat Libre d'Orange its singularity, its sincerity and its adherence to its philosophy: luxurious, provocative, sometimes ironic, often subversive and always elegant.
In eight years, Etat Libre d'Orange has become a respected player in the world of perfume:
Five stars from the New York Times in its ranking of perfume houses;
The Specialists Prize, awarded by the Fragrance Foundation France for having created innovative and daring perfumery.

Perfumes and scented candles are not available for shipment by air following the regulations on the transport of dangerous products...