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A contrasting composition based on a powerful floral body based on the delicacy of rose and the noble elegance of iris... without forgetting the woody amber accord, Antoine's signature.

Heart Notes:

Rose Crystal Petalia, Iris

Background Notes:

Virginia cedar, Somali incense

Antoine intensity:



regular size 750ml – 30 washes

Pour Elle is a feminine universal, expected in its flowery character but unexpected in the comforting softness it provides. This perfume acts like a protective cocoon in the face of all the challenges of the outside world. Pour Elle invites you to daydream, to escape.
Our customers obviously use it to soften their laundry but above all to further strengthen the olfactory experience throughout their wardrobe. We highly recommend using our fabric softeners with laundry detergents of the same fragrance.
Fans of this fragrance will complete their experience by using Pour Elle laundry detergent and eau de toilette.

Only a glass bottle, unlike a plastic container, can guarantee perfect physico-chemical neutrality with its contents. Antoine fabric softener is therefore offered in an elegant glass bottle, an infinitely recyclable material. It is also the assurance of not altering the precious perfume.

Antoine softeners are manufactured and bottled in France, in Hauts-de-France. We take particular care to surround ourselves with the best specialists at each stage of the production of our entire range.


regular size 750ml – 30 washes

Formulated in Paris, manufactured in Hauts-de-France

Antoine fabric softener is more than a fabric softener: it is a fragrance that softens laundry. To magnify the action of the perfume, we have had a tailor-made softener formula developed by our partner specializing in the world of detergent. The objective is for the softener to be effective on the laundry, diffuse the fragrance during rinsing while not giving off any odor that disrupts the action of our fragrances and ensure perfect hold on dry laundry.
Antoine fabric softener is concentrated, contains no ingredients of animal origin and is not tested on any animals.

COMPOSITION : non-ionic surface agents 5% but <15%, preservatives, sodium benzoate, perfumes. Contains OTNE, may trigger an allergic reaction. Allergenic fragrances: coumarin.
Antoine softener is more than 98% natural in origin and more than 95% biodegradable at the final stage.


Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if the victim wears them and they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. If swallowed: consult a doctor or poison control center immediately.

+33 3 83 22 50 50.

UFI number: X4N8-D0S7-W005-0914

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