Before Royalties, the "dressy" sock was a bit like Henry Ford's famous Model T: customers could choose it in any color, as long as it was black.
With Royalties, finally say yes to choice, yes to color, yes to personality! Our mission: to become your favorite socks as beautiful to look at as they are pleasant to wear.

Royalties dares color, Royalties plays with patterns. Royalties advances on two feet which are called tradition and creativity. Tradition, that of a healthy, sporty and preppy casualness inspired by the fraternities of the Ivy League, the flamboyant dandyism of Gatsby and Bowie, and the immutable codes of British elegance.
Creativity is our French twist, the touch of irreverence and second degree that makes our collections sparkle. A touch of fantasy, yes, but qualitative!

Royalties brings as much care to its knitting as to its patterns. To put our know-how at your feet, we work hand in hand with two manufacturers who know their job inside out, and share our love of a job well done.

Each model is meticulously elaborated, the threads are chosen from the finest materials, and a hundred times on the loom (or almost) we hand over our work. The result ? Comfortable, soft and durable socks.