Collection: GOOD

It was in 2015 that the oral care brand LEBON Oral Care was born .

Its co-founders, Stéphanie and Richard Palacci, were keen to offer a healthy and tasty alternative for a new oral routine.

Together, they work on the development of the LEBON brand to offer products with an irreproachable composition that allow consumers to no longer have to choose between health and pleasure.

Richard, Doctor of Pharmacy, graduate in Dermo-Cosmetology and certified in Phytotherapy and Medicinal Plants, is dedicated to the development of formulas.

Their first collection, LEBON Flavorcare, was launched in 2015 and has never ceased to delight demanding palates thanks to the originality and delicacy of its nine Grasse flavors.

At the same time, a new demand has appeared for a more accessible toothpaste that would combine naturalness and effectiveness in an eco-responsible proposal: LEBON toothpaste in its...essential version.

The second collection, LEBON ESSENTIELS, is launched in June 2021.