La Casquette SBH de PASHA, la première casquette SBH crée en Mars 2014.

The PASHA SBH Cap, the first SBH cap created in March 2014.

The PASHA SBH Cap, the first SBH cap created in March 2014.

March 13, 2014 was the big day! The day when the now famous cap was made by David & Olivier from Pasha St Barth: THE SBH CAP !
This is one of the best selling caps on the island! It was first designed on a fitted/stretch cap which comes in 3 sizes...using the finest cotton, with great quality embroidery which has given the St Barths cap market a swish... it was designed to be worn on the red carpet, that's to say!

It will be 3 years later that Johnny HALLYDAY and his wife Laetitia will meet our model, summer 2017... you know the rest...

With the success of the cap, other people started making an "SBH" cap too...with a design that was sometimes very close but of poor quality.

We then decided in January 2018 to sign our caps with the PASHA ST BARTH logo on the back or on the side of the caps as a guarantee for the owners to have the real .... "The original" ...

In March 2019 , Pasha released a new design for his SBH BASEBALL CAPS: THE TRUCKER SBH CAP! an adjustable and more airy cap with the presence of a net at the back but with the same quality requirements: the best materials, the best embroidery with the perfect fit!

It is important to know that you can buy the Originale SBH cap ONLY at Pasha Boutique in Gustavia, or on their website: ... other stores or website that sell some kind of SBH cap are imitators. Check the presence of our logo + Check the quality of your cap! We know you love it and we don't want you to be disappointed if you find out you bought a counterfeit model!

With all our love and passion,

David and Oliver

Here is a caption from March 13, 2014, when we posted the first model we received!!

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